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MANCHESTER. Juan Antonio Cerón “Anaqronías: a Cervantine photographic interpretation” 31 january – 28 february 2020. Instituto Cervantes.

Anaqronías is a photographic interpretation of Miguel de Cervantes´s Quijote from a modern perspective. The photographer, Juan Antonio Cerón, wants to rescue the secondary and imaginary female characters from novel by transforming them into a photo to create an anachronism that represents their character. [...]

SAN FRANCISCO. Daniel Canogar “Surge” 17 january – 29 february 2020. Minnesota street Project.

SAN FRANCISCO. Daniel Canogar “Surge”   17 january -  29 february 2020. Minnesota street Project. Luminous, connected, resonant. For this third major public art commission at the Moss Art Center, Daniel Canogar has created a site-specific sequence of dynamic, data-fed sculptural forms. Surge encompasses thousands [...]

LONDON. Ana Barriga “Maní” 10 january – 8 february 2020. Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery.

A giant peanut with a blue face and red lips resides as deity over a vibrant world of cartoon-like creatures. This is Maní, the fictional civilisation created by Spanish artist Ana Barriga (Jerez 1984)in which society centres around the peanut. For her solo show [...]

LOS ANGELES “Arturo Steele and Guillermo Rodriguez” 11 – 21 january 2020. Lisa Derrick Fine Arts.

The exhibition features printed photographs from Arturo Steele’s “almosthere” series and sculptural work from the “unfold” series by Guillermo Rodríguez. Steele and Rodríguez, both born and raised in Spain, have never crossed paths before. Their work, however, speaks to each other, exploring the underlying [...]

MADRID. Cristina García Rodero “ Holi, The celebration of love” 9 january – 20 february 2020. Galería Juana de Aizpuru.

Holi is the festival of color that is celebrated throughout India and which commemorates the beginning of spring, the ending of the harvest as well as the triumph of good against evil. The young throw around powders of different colors to wish each other [...]

MEXICO. Santiago Sierra “52 Lienzos expuestos al aire de la Ciudad de México”Until 26 january 2020. Galería Labor.

Santiago Sierra (Madrid, 1966) Lives and works in Madrid, Spain and Mexico City.The work of Santiago Sierra has been characterized by showing situations where survival is a fundamental element. He translates into artistic practice the inhuman aspects of the economic system, the mechanisms of [...]