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LISBON. Karlos Gil “Come To Dust” 13 March – May 2020, Galería Francisco Fino.

The multiple art practice by Karlos Gil (Toledo, 1984) thrives on paradox, memory and navigation between the past and the present to articulate or question the codes that construct meaning. His latest projects reflect on the cadences of language as a narrative element and [...]

LOS ANGELES. Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger “Illusion” Until 1 june 2020. Flutter Experience.

Flutter is an innovative, immersive art experience featuring virtual reality, projection mapping, climbable furniture as well as a giant sphinx, day-glow lighting, and architectural structures. Flutter’s mission is to bring contemporary fine art into everyday life in a way that is interactive. The inaugural [...]

LONDON. Santiago Cirugeda – Recetas Urbanas “Affection as Subversive Architecture“ 15 February – 25 April 2020. Radical Citizenship – The Showroom Summit 2020.

Affection as Subversive Architecture is a project by the Spanish architecture collective Recetas Urbanas exploring how to create alternative architectural and educational spaces through participatory self-construction and active citizenry. By destabilising mainstream assumptions about public structures and their legislative frameworks, this project features new architectural strategies for [...]

BARCELONA. Palmira Puig and Marcel Giró “Saudades de Sao Paulo” 2 february – 3 may 2020. Museo Palau Solterra, Torroella de Montgrí.

The show Saudades de Sao Paulo. Photographs by Palmira Puig and Marcel Giró is a tribute to the photographic output of Palmira Puig (Tàrrega, 1912 - Barcelona, 1978) and Marcel Giró (Badalona, 1913 - Mira-sol, 2011) as well as a record of the lifetime of an extraordinary couple. Curated by Rocío [...]

BARCELONA. “Carlos Pérez Siquier”14 february – 15 may 2020. Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués Exhibition Hall.

Carlos Pérez Siquier (1930), a leading figure in the forging of photographic modernism and the professionalizing of this medium in Spain, enjoys a prominent place on the Spanish scene, firstly for his neorealism work and later as a pioneer of color photography. Pérez Siquier [...]

PARIS. ”Tàpies aujourd’hui” 6 february -18 april 2020.Galería Mayoral.

The Mayoral Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition at its parisian space: "Tàpies, Aujourd’hui". The exhibition will include a selection of eight paintings by Antoni Tàpies –carefully chosen by curator Arnau Puig for his plastic and expressive force– that date from a [...]