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PORTO. Amparo Garrido “Tiergarten” 4 may – 22 june 2019. Espacio Jhannia Castro.

TIERGARTEN. Garden of beasts. A GERMAN ROMANTIC GARDEN. I started this project as I do almost all of them, without knowing where it would take me. I discovered Tiergarten, and then it became clear that I wanted to return, that I wanted to keep taking photos. [...]

GENT. Juanan Soria “Fragile. Handle with care” 25 may – 22 june 2019. Cecilia Jaime Gallery.

Like Goya and Solana did in their time, the new work of Juanan Soria (1985, Spain) arose by 'looking and telling with the eyes of today’.Soria put on his most critical mask to interpret the current Spanish situation. Hereby, he endorses the idea of [...]

BERLIN. Rosa Pascual “LOST” 3 – 24 may 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

Thousands of cases of Stolen Children in Spain between the forties and early nineties. Children, mothers, siblings. Some looking for one another, others not knowing they exist, and others that will never be able to find them. For the past 27 years Rosa Pascual [...]

TURIN. Manu Bravo “In The Wake of Poseidon” 3 may – 29 june 2019. Galleria Raffaella De Chirico.

In The Wake of Poseidon is a solo show by Spanish photographer Manu Brabo, award-winning photojournalist and winner of numerous awards including the Prix Bayeux - Calvados in 2012, Award Pulitzer in 2013, British Journalism Award in 2015, POYi in 2013, 2016 and 2017 [...]

MOSCOW. Alberto García-Alix “Fierce Expressionism” 12 April 2019 — 12 May 2019. Multimedia Art Museum.

As part of the XI Moscow International Biennale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography-2019’ the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents an exhibition by one of the most celebrated contemporary Spanish photographers — ‘Fierce Expressionism’ by Alberto García-Alix. In 1999 he was winner of the Spanish National Photography Award. His work is included in the collections of major museums in Spain, Europe [...]

LONDON. Rosana Antolí. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside” 2–5 May and 9–12 May 2019. Tate Modern.

Join Spanish artist Rosana Antolí as she transforms Tate Exchange into an immersive and participatory space exploring ideas around ecology and biology in relation to art and choreography. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside is based on the figure of Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal [...]