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BERGEN, Eva Navarro “The celebration of life” 13 june – 10 july 2020. GalleryThe Obsession of Art.

The celebration of life is central to every painting by Eva Navarro. The pleasure of all people that can be the joy of every person. Always placed in backgrounds that are as abstract as they are recognizable. In her recent work, Navarro has increasingly [...]

IKOMA NARA. Berta Sesé “Micro Landscape” 11 – 26 july 2020. Gallery IND.

The artist’s work alternates between painting and photography. Berta is captivated by the Japanese principle wabi sabi, which consists in seeing in the imperfect, the modest, a form of beauty in motion, where the subject becomes another. She is also interested in the principle [...]

NEW YORK. Daniel Canogar “Billow” until 16 august 2020. Bitforms gallery.

The data-sphere is a driving force of society and the economy, despite its invisible nature. This lack of visibility can make it difficult to comprehend how information affects daily life. Billow attempts to expose the hidden threads of data networks. The exhibition consists of six sculptural [...]

ONLINE SHOW. Jaume Plensa “April is the cruelest month” june 12 –10 july 2020, Galerie Lelong & Co.

Jaume Plensa is universally known for his monumental sculptures that reveal a philosophical and spiritual expression of the human body. Sculptures like Julia in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón, Voices at New York City’s Hudson Yards, Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park, and St. Helens’ Dream [...]

LONDON. Fernando M. Romero “Ideorrythms: Arrangent #1” 25 june – 15 august 2020. SCAN Projects.

This project originates from a fragment by translator Kate Briggs in her book 'This Little Art', in which she reflects on her experience translating Roland Barthes’ last talks and notes, compiled in his posthumous book 'How to Live Together' (2013). Briggs’ text raises questions about translation as [...]

PARIS. Pilar Albarracín “Don’t put out my fire, let me burn” 28 february – 25 june 2020. Galerie Vallois.

Pilar Albarracín’s new exhibition in Paris is based on a critical and political exploration of the Semana Santa («Holy Week») in Seville. For a week in April, the whole city lives to the rhythm of plural and thematic processions. About sixty fraternities commemorate the [...]