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GIBELLINA (Italy) Joan Fontcuberta “Gibellina selfie – The Gaze of Three Generations” 26 july – 31 august 2019. Gibellina PhotoRoad- Festival Internazionale Open Air & Site-Specific.

There are many ways to use our eyes. We can choose to watch, observe or scrutinise someone or something. We can stand on the side of the road, remaining passive in front of the flow of images that come to us. Our gaze can [...]

PORTO. Mercé Soler “ICE. Paper, Intimacy and Skin” 29 june – 14 september 2019. Espacio Jhannia Castro.

Reading is one of the most exquisite pleasures there is, an act which produces different effects in each reader, caused by the story which the book’s author sends. Well, to contemplate a book is to say, “Reading the visual and looking at the textual”, establishes [...]

PORTO. June Crespo “NO OSSO” 19 july – 7 september 2019. Uma Certa Falta de Coerência.

In an article about Franz Mesmer, the Austrian physiologist who claimed he could cure ailments through channelling “animal magnetism,” writer Christopher Turner says that “The Lyonnais Mesmerists purported that their patients could see their own insides when in somnambulistic trances, and thereby make uncannily accurate self-diagnoses .” [...]

AUSTIN. Ana Esteve Llorens “Prologue” 19 july – 3 august 2019. Pump Project Gallery.

In “Prologue,” Ana Esteve Llorens initiates a new series of pieces that will be presented subsequently in larger, more complex installations. Prologue features two new sculptures and a weaving-object by means of which the artist revisits and expands her sculptural body of work. Each piece [...]

MADRID. Rubén Rodrigo “The Light and the Fury” 17 july – 30 august 2019. Galería Fernando Pradilla.

Exhibition Rubén Rodrigo The Light and the Fury is Rubén Rodrigo's ­rst solo exhibition (Salamanca, 1980) at the Fernando Pradilla Gallery. With such a suggestive statement and creating a paraphrase of the original title in English of William Faulkner's novel "The Sound and the [...]

MONACO “Dalí, a History of Painting” 06 july – 08 september 2019. Forum Grimaldi.

The summer 2019 exhibition will be dedicated to “Dali, a History of Painting” curated by Montse Aguer, Director of the Dali Museums. This retrospective is conducted in collaboration with the Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dalí. In this year, the 30th anniversary of the artist’s death (1904-1989), [...]