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MONTEVIDEO. Albano Hernandez “Todo y Nada” 24 october – 10 november 2019. Fundación Iturria.

Albano Hernández, joins the pictorial language with the linguistic expression. The artworks delve deeper into the limits of writing as a pictorial expression. The purpose of this creation is to fly between the rigor of the word and the richness of plastic creativity, where [...]

TOKYO. Javier Martin “Infinite Light” 4 october – 2 november 2019. Masahiro Maki Gallery.

Infinite Light is the first solo exhibition to be held in Japan by Spanish artist, Javier Martin. Martin works in a variety of artistic mediums and since 2007, has continued to engage with the theme of ‘blindness’, exploring the oftentimes elusive and vague ideas [...]

BERLIN. Eugenio Recuenco “365º” 28 september – 14 november 2019. Camera Work.

I don’t remember the flight; I don’t recall where I was headed; I don’t remember if I was alone. Yes – I was by myself with my forehead stuck to the plastic of the window, and behind me laid a world that in that [...]

BERLIN. Eduard Bigas “Time and the Others” 27th september – 25th october 2019. Galerie Kuching.

Eduard Bigas is, with weight and measure, methodical. He has, at the same time the wild spirit of a perpetual student, always eager to learn, to evolve. This means that he will obsess over his craft, the control of the light and the placement [...]

LONDON. “Manolo Valdés” 25 october – 15 november 2019. Opera Gallery.

This October, Opera Gallery London is proud and excited to present the first solo exhibition dedicated to Manolo Valdés in the Mayfair district of the city. Internationally acclaimed both as a painter and as a sculptor, Manolo Valdés, born in 1942 in Valencia, Spain, [...]

PARIS “Jaume Plensa” 10 october – 16 november 2019. Lelong Gallery.

Jaume Plensa has conceived this new exhibition as a silent conversation. In the first part of the gallery, three heads of young girls, some three metres high, stand on the floor. Originally carved from tree trunks then cast in bronze, the elongation of the [...]