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NEW YORK. Solimán López “The Runner V.02” 29 may – 01 july 2019. Coolture Impact. Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The actions of The Runner –running, jumping, pivoting and overcoming obstacles– reflects the insatiable quest of the human’s spirit to energetically go forward, and illuminates the looming sense of uncertainty that our digital future holds. As such, it is a metaphor for the blend of today’s [...]

GELSENKIRCHEN (Germany) Enrique Asensi “DUO” 19 may – 7 july 2019. Kunstmuseum.

The work of Spanish sculptor Enrique Asensi combines two classic materials, steel and stone. Variously coloured granite, dolomite, limestone and alabaster contrasts well with corten steel. Asensi demonstrates the relationship between the flatness of the steel with reliefs hewn into the stone. Moreover, as [...]

WALDKIRCHEN (Germany). Javier Calleja “Clouds Through The Window” 26may – 21 july 2019. Zink Gallery.

Javier Calleja produces works that bring surprise and humor to viewers by incorporating subtle twists and interventions to various events within everyday life. Expressing a fondness for the works of Rene Magritte, Calleja attempts to reference and reinterpret the techniques of the surrealist master [...]

TORONTO. José Manuel Ciria “A Beautiful Day with a Small Storm” 8 june – 13 july 2019. Cutts Gallery.

I met José Manuel Ciria nearly fourteen years ago. I first exhibited him in the Spring of 2007 and this exhibition marks our fourth collaboration at the gallery. Ciria is one of Spain’s pre-eminent non-objective painters. He has exhibited extensively in both public and [...]

NEW YORK. Antoni Miralda “Unpacking the Archive” 16 may – 22 june 2019. Henrique Faria Fine Arts.

Henrique Faria  is pleased to present Unpacking the Archive, the first solo exhibition of the Catalan artist Miralda in the gallery and his first in New York City since 1991. This exhibition takes as its starting point the recently made works Marianne B and [...]

BRUSSELS. Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma “Deborah Bowmann 2019” 25 may – 6 july 2019. Deborah Bowmann.

The exhibition brings together the works of Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma and has its origin in the invitation of that independent non-profit space to Curator Mario Canal. Although artists have known and admired each other for many years, there had never [...]