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MOSCOW. Alberto García-Alix “Fierce Expressionism” 12 April 2019 — 12 May 2019. Multimedia Art Museum.

As part of the XI Moscow International Biennale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography-2019’ the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents an exhibition by one of the most celebrated contemporary Spanish photographers — ‘Fierce Expressionism’ by Alberto García-Alix. In 1999 he was winner of the Spanish National Photography Award. His work is included in the collections of major museums in Spain, Europe [...]

LONDON. Rosana Antolí. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside” 2–5 May and 9–12 May 2019. Tate Modern.

Join Spanish artist Rosana Antolí as she transforms Tate Exchange into an immersive and participatory space exploring ideas around ecology and biology in relation to art and choreography. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside is based on the figure of Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal [...]

LISBON. Domènec Corbella “Navigatio Vitae” 18 april – 12 may 2019. National Fine Arts Society.

The exhibition “Navigatio vitae”, curated by Professor António Quadros Ferreira from the University of Porto, is comprised of paintings that use both wet and dry techniques, the outcome of a six-year inquiry into water. In fact, this element was the subject of research in [...]

BREMEN “The fragrance of images” Until 22 april 2019. Instituto Cervantes and Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst.

This exhibition presents a selection of works carefully brought together to demonstrate the association between smell, memory and the construction of visual language. It is a basic human instinct to document, preserve, and materialize experience, often translated and existing as an archive of sorts, [...]

NEW YORK. Fernando Sancho “Pablo Heras: At Home in the whole World” 4 – 28 april 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

Spanish photographer Fernando Sancho presents a series of images that display the work of the conductor Pablo Heras Casado behind the scenes. Although frozen in time, a picture can provoke the same feeling as music does. Not for nothing, both arts share a common [...]

BERLIN. Elena Alonso Fernández “Ay mija, it’s not easy!” 24 april – 11 may 2019. Rosalux Art Space.

The project portrays, from Cuban’s people perspective, the peak of social change in their country since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Ay mija! denies the idea of an homogeneous collective identity, and embrace s instead the polyphony and contradictions present [...]