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MANCHESTER. Bigas Luna “Comedias Bárbaras” 28 march – 12 april 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

As part of the Spanish and Latin American Film Festival ¡Viva!, Instituto Cervantes Manchester, in collaboration with the University of Durham, will host part of the ‘Bigas Luna Tribute’: a creation about the famous Spanish film director and artist Bigas Luna who died in [...]

LONDON. Lita Cabellut “Transformation” march 15 – 29, 2019. Opera Gallery.

Opera Gallery London is proud to hereby present the latest series of works by Spanish artist Lita Cabellut. A selection of tweny two of her artworks invites us to step into the artist’s imagination, offering a meditative glimpse into the constant flow of mankind’s [...]

LONDON. Javier Arce “Map of the Mould” 8 march -21 april 2019. No 20 Arts.

Featuring works on paper, installations and a video piece, Map of the Mould is the first solo show of the Spanish artist in the UK. The exhibition is part of the ongoing collaboration established between Galeria Carles Taché and No 20 Arts based on [...]

BRUSSELS. Alberto Garcia Alix “Une saison en enfer” (Arthur Rimbaud) 10 january – 6 april 2019. OV Project Room.

This new project has been imagined by Olivier Vrankenne and Stefan De Jaeger during the reading of "Une saison en enfer" written by the french poeter Arthur Rimbaud ; the first ever Rock Star. The reading of this autobiographical book of poetry instantly inspired Olivier Vrankenne. The [...]

NEW YORK “La Nau Gaudí. Artists from Mataró: The Bassat collection” 7 – 31 march 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

Fourteen exclusive pieces created ad hoc by 7 different artists will be shown for the first time in New York. The outcome is a contemporary Catalan art recognition, driven by Lluís and Carmen Bassat and produced by the Consorcio Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de [...]

LONDON. “Pedro Paricio” 9th march – 20th april 2019. Halcyon Gallery

In this series Pedro Paricio (Spain, b. 1982) explores the fundamentals of Picasso, one of the founding fathers of modernism and how his work has been a great inspiration. This exhibition will include both artworks by Pedro Paricio and Pablo Picasso, showcasing Paricio’s act [...]