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BARCELONA. EVRU / ZUSH “To be again” 23 january – 7 march 2020. Galería Senda.

With the exhibition “To be again” Evru/Zush returns to the art scene after a forced retirement due to health issues. We find ourselves in front of a long series of small pencil drawings, on which he worked exclusively. In these works we find ourselves [...]

AUSTIN. Ana Esteve Llorens “Space is a reality” 11 january- 23 february 2020. Gray Duck Gallery.

By means of sculpture and installation Spanish artist Ana Esteve Llorens presents a new group of works that enquire about the reality of space as a sensory experience. Utilizing natural and manufactured materials, craft techniques and industrial processes, the artist engages with different methods [...]

PARIS. Albano Hernández “PANTONE” 5- 28 february 2020. Colegio de España.

Albano Hernández, joins the pictorial language with the linguistic expression. The artworks delve deeper into the limits of writing as a pictorial expression. The purpose of this creation is to fly between the rigor of the word and the richness of plastic creativity, where [...]

SINGAPORE. Eva Armisen “Love stories” 23 february – 7 march 2020. Ode to Art gallery.

Focusing on family portraits, this series of work spans three generations and includes family pets, suggesting the significance of familial bond and time spent together. Based in Barcelona, Eva is instantly recognised through her child-like, but never childish, works. With a focus on capturing [...]

WASHINGTON. Amarist “Welcome?” february 07 — march 01, 2020. A&A at Hillyer Contemporary Art Center.

“Welcome?” is a visual installation raising awareness on borders and refugees. In a time when we are witnessing a rise in populism and an increase in the closure of borders, the Welcome? exhibition seeks to spark a debate about the meaning of border walls in our [...]

ZURICH. Jacobo Castellano “Combing Grounds” 24 january -14 march 2020. Mai 36 Galerie.

Jacobo Castellano’s (*1976 Jaén. Spain) art evolves from the materials and places that become part of his own personal story. The sculptures and installations he creates, often constructed from old and patinated objects, create a special atmosphere, that oscillates around the melancholia and lightness [...]