The work of Santiago González involves medium-sized wooden sculptures made from recycled pieces of wood that, sometimes, show treated textures and colors. It is presented as a set of composition exercises that revolve around the same idea and common rules, although these are quite open. They are abstract sculptures with a dilapidated and decadent look with the appearance of orderly imbalance and abandonment. In a way, they allude to the passage of time and the “falling apart” as a structure, as a body, as a society and as an individual. They are like skeletons of buildings, the light passes through them, they do not have opaque bodies and are light and generally tall and thin, they tend to be vertical as if they were ruins of skyscrapers.

“My idea is to show the bones, the ruin, something real, something unsweetened, it is my way of counterattacking the falsehood of life, thus I defend myself from the depersonalization of vulgarity and of oblivion and hence I vindicate my ideas and my vision in three dimension, usually without words.”