Based in Madrid and founded by a group of independent professionals in the arts and culture, the online contemporary gallery “Qué Pintamos en el Mundo” is an initiative of Bandaluz de Comunicacion, a company that is dedicated to cultural administration and the production of artistic activities.

Specialized in the production and curating of activities related to the visual arts, we have produced numerous exhibitions of contemporary art and film festivals with the aim of bringing contemporary art closer to audiences to which they generally have difficult access. Activities such as the 1st Contemporary Art Biennial of the ONCE Fundación at the Círculo de BB.AA in Madrid; the ARTENAVAS contemporary art fair that brought the latest artistic trends to a small town in the Sierra de Ávila; the traveling exhibition Érase Una Vez, contemporary art for children presented in the Royal Academy of BB.AA. Madrid; or the art and science project NANO: Poetics for a New World, in the CSIC- Canal Isabel II Foundation, that combined art and science.

Bandaluz de Comunicación is recognized as one of the pioneering companies in the dissemination and promotion of digital arts. Among the activities carried out, it is worth highlighting The Digital Salon de Nueva York, an itinerant digital art exhibition produced in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts in NY which, every year from 1997 to 2003, showed the latest works by national and international artists who used new technologies as artistic support, and which was an important boost for creation and for the accessibility of technologies both for the public and for artists. The New York Digital Show was inaugurated annually in New York and Madrid and later traveled to various Spanish and European cities.

But since five years ago the focus of Bandaluz has turned 180 degrees, and with the same objectives of dissemination and promotion of contemporary art we have dedicated ourselves to research. Weighing the presence and importance of contemporary Spanish art in the world is the basis of the project Qué Pintamos en el Mundo. To this end in recent years we daily explore the web-sites of galleries, cultural centers, specialized press and museums around the world looking for Spanish artists who currently work or are exhibiting their works in the Exterior. We ourselves have been surprised by the quantity and quality of Spanish artists outside our borders. Qué Pintamos en el Mundo has been included in Marca España as a project of cultural interest. To watch the news

Art plays a mediating and motor role in communication, since the artist through his creation transmits not only emotions, but also messages, and makes us reflect on our existence, on social problems or life in general. But it is also true that our artists face two challenges: the creative one in the face of the constant vital and social change in the world and the challenge of facing great difficulties in the dissemination and sale of their works. For these reasons, and since today it is entirely possible and feasible for a large part of society to enjoy art thanks to tools such as the Internet, Bandaluz de Comunicación offers the ideal platform, through its online gallery Qué Pintamos en el Mundo, for the dissemination and commercialization of original works of art by Spanish artists and makes it easier for art lovers from any part of the world to enjoy and acquire works of contemporary Spanish art from and for their homes.

Blanca Mora Sánchez. Direction
Eva Paniagua. Administration
Gorka Del Corral. Communication
Web development. Sierra Media Group