Tomy Ceballos is a self-taught artist from Murcia that is difficult to classify. He is a deep connoisseur of his technique and its possibilities since he literally “drew with light” in the 1990s to continually explore the possibilities of a medium he loves. Ceballos has exhibited in innumerable and prestigious spaces in the country and the world.

“For me art is the space of freedom. In the artistic field you can be absolutely free because there is nothing that prohibits you ” Tomy Ceballos

Tomy Ceballos (Caravaca de la Cruz, 1959. Murcia). 

He has exhibited in countless prestigious spaces in Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Berlin, Mexico, Costa Rica, Lima, London, Toulouse, Reykjavik, Poland and Germany.
His work is permanently in:

  • Reina Sofía National Art Center, Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid)
  • ATRIUM (Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • Customs (Diputación de Cádiz)
  • Art and Technology Foundation (Madrid)
  • International Museum of Electrography (Cuenca)
  • Caja Murcia Collection
  • University of Murcia
  • Polytechnic university of Valencia
  • Council of Anogia (Crete)