José LuisCerra Wollstein (b. Madrid 1975) decided to study art at the Basque Country University. He specializes in painting and engraving at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. He is very interested in great sailors like Montague Dawson, Winslow Hommer and John Stobart. The sea is his passion so surfing, swimming and fishing are an important part of his life. Cooperating with the ocean on a knowledge level is just another step in the unconscious.

The style of JoséLuisCerra Wollstein is undoubtedly realistic, because it makes him feel sincere and gives him the freedom to create. It does not use a specific or static color range, but it will vary depending on your needs. Although he also uses carvings and watercolors, the oil on canvas or wood is still his favorite technique. He likes it because it allows him to transform from oily textures to creating any image.

In 2017, José LuisCerra Wollstein exhibited in Denmark many times: at the Oxholm Gallery, Knud Grothe Gallery and Force Technology. One of his works was selected in the permanent collection of the Madrid Naval Museum.

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