Her work revolves around experimentation with the body using different disciplines, such as photography, performance or body art, where issues that address the dimension of the individual are dealt with from the aspects of: identity conflict, the study of sociocultural relationships or the understanding of the intimate self. These questions are approached through a personal language where the gender perspective takes on great importance and where the value of art is situated in a self-reflective medium.

Her most recent work experiments with self-representation of a narrative and performative character. Her photographic compositions offer the exploration of identity, where the concepts related to the traditional representation of female identity are reinterpreted, establishing a new conceptual imaginary around the vision of the body, concerning for the self and the role of women as subjects of art. At present, she continues to investigate self-reflective visual narration, employing virtuality and interaction with the viewer or in the installation.


Rebeca Malcón (Madrid, 1998), graduated in Fine Arts in 2020 and in Design in 2021 from the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid. She began to be interested in photography at an early age and from then on was self-taught. During her formative years, she collaborated with artists such as Cai Guo Qiang and Alicia Framis. In 2020 she was selected to participate in the sixth edition of the Cáceres Arte Aparte  Fair, and a few months later she participated in the online exhibition: El amante tecnológico, curated by Julieta de Haro. She now participates in the JustMad 2021 fair, whose curator was Paco Carpio and where her work receives its first appearances in the press.