Ana Agarp, “La Deke”, born in Barcelona in 1983 and the daughter of Swedish and Argentine-British parents, studied interior architecture at the Madrid Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM), although she prefers to dedicate her time to drawing and illustration.

She began her artistic career making figurative paintings in acrylic on wooden board and even murals, but she has since evolved towards illustration with ink and watercolor (especially the Koi type because the pigment is denser and makes the colors look more solid).

Drawings that are fluid but highly detailed. She is a lover of architecture: urban landscaping, the representation of buildings and elements of the city are usually her main theme. La Deke focuses on the decadence to which businesses and items are subjected once they are closed or abandoned.

The graffiti represented in her works allows us to recognize all the authors according to the areas or neighborhoods in Madrid, which are part of our urban landscape and that of all large cities.