The roar of the sea awakens me. Calls to me. Beguiles me.
Barefoot, I approach.
It stimulates my senses.
A suggestive aroma of saltpeter envelopes me, the vastness of the watery horizon overwhelms me, I lick the tiny pearls of salt that the breeze places on my lips. And, when I bend down and touch them, the weathered logs deposited on the sand, whisper to me about extensive turquoise meadows covered with molluscs, mysterious creatures submerged in kelp forests, powerful beings floating in oceans, storms, rough seas, shipwrecks, forbidden loves… Secrets that thrill my heart.
Do you feel it too?
You too?!


Paloma Puya Canomanuel was born in Madrid in 1960. Her path in this life is creation, within a broad spectrum. She studied at the School of Arts and Crafts where she specialized in sculpture, although her extreme sensitivity makes her express herself through all the materials and resources that catch her attention. As a sculptor she has made monuments for official bodies, logos for banks, awards for institutions, exhibitions, emblems. As a writer she has published more than twenty books for children and young adults. As an illustrator she has drawn in several of them.
Now that she resides in El Puerto de Santa María, the coast of light, of color, of salty winds and the free ocean, the time has come for painting, wherein she captures, as in all her work, that what she carries within: intense passion.