The Animals
This series of portraits of the inhabitants of Animal Rescue Spain, Gaia Sanctuary, Rainfer, Vegan Sanctuary, Birds Friends, Natura Farm, FIEB Foundation, Grefa, Primadomus and the Wild Forest Reserve, are a declaration of love and a clear and forceful positioning when looking at the world. They are us, there is no distance beyond that which marks what from our way of classifying, controlling and dominating everything we have called species.If we forget that, each of these non-human persons have in their present, in their lives, the same right to dignity and fulfillment as the rest of the people, almost all human, that the author has portrayed throughout her career. If you consider that your gaze, your breathing, your longings and desires to live are superior to that of these individuals, you better go and look at something other than this is not your place. Rafael Doctor

Curriculum Vitae

Madrid, 1978. Photographer specialized in portraiture. Part of his work is linked to the struggle for human and animal rights. Formed together with photographers such as Eduardo Momeñe or the Vallhonrat brothers, in 2011 she began the Photographers project, exhibited at PHotoEspaña 2014. Between 2017 and 2019 he developed his series Zoocosis, with which he participates in the Animal Capital project, directed by Rafael Doctor.In 2017 he created the PHES project “Spanish Solidarity Photography” and in 2018 the project 33.293, which gives voice through photography to displaced people of 17 nationalities. In 2019 he made the official portraits of SS.MM. Los Reyes, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Sofía.In 2020 he carries out his work Resilience, which will be part of a collective project in book format co-edited by the ENAIRE Factory and Foundation and which will be exhibited at PhotoEspaña. In addition to making his project The Animals, in which he portrays animals rescued from different types of exploitation. In 2021 the documentary series “Detrás del Instante” broadcast on TVE2, dedicates a chapter to her career as a photographer. He teaches at various photography schools.She has worked as a freelance photographer for the Planeta group and Spainmedia. His work has been published in media such as El País Semanal, El Mundo, La Vanguardia or The Times.