Her work addresses issues that shape the mental constructions we make of the outside world in order to ensure our survival, which is dominated by uncertainty, emotions, and imagination. In the different projects, she has worked with the relationship between the reality of the exterior and the interior; the projection of the future; desire, fear, hope or magical thinking. In her last series, she stopped taking photos of what already exists in the outside world and reconstructs before photographing it again. She works with a medium format camera and in analogical. In her latest work, about post mortem hope, she mixes photography and painting.


Elena de la Rúa was born in Madrid in 1978. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense of Madrid and has a master’s degree in photography from EFTI. She has been selected in photography competitions and has participated in group exhibitions at INJUVE, the Círculo de Bellas Artes, or the Sala de Arte Joven of the Community of Madrid. In 2009 she had her first solo show within PHE in an exhibition called “In a Glass Case” at the Tercer Espacio Gallery and in 2018 she presented “Fear as Wound” at the CentroCentro of the Madrid City Council.