The images created by Marta Soul are the result of a long process of exploration on the relationship between the person and the observer. She has been attracted to the visual study of appearances, the assumption of identity roles as the representation of stereotypes and the effect of the passage of time on social emotions. Her images represent an effort to understand what people show to others in a continuously changing environment. Thus, “want” and “get” are two synonyms for “pretend”.
There is also an intention to understand the role assumed by each one in a very complex world, in which the distinction between true and false ceases to make sense. Emotions seem to be labeled “consume before.” The search for some traditionally vital values, such as love, family, honesty, also ceases to make sense in this context, and becomes ephemeral. The characters represented by Marta Soul appear before the world as if they knew that they were nothing more than an image of limited duration, immune to the passage of time, showing the experience of the moment as something truly stimulating.


Marta Soul (Madrid, 1973) currently lives and works between Madrid and Sheffield (UK).
She was a founding member of the Nophoto collective from 2005 to 2015. Her work has been awarded and awarded in Spain by the Royal Photographic Society (2003), the Community of Madrid (2005 and 2008), the Obra social La Caixa Fotopres scholarship in the year 2007 or the Enaire Foundation (2011). In the international arena, the award for Best Photographer at the Pingyao International Photography Festival, China, in 2008 or the presentation of her work in the US (AIPAD Fair New York, Fine Art Huston or Art Basel Miami) represented by the Kopeikin gallery stands out. in Los Angeles. California.

Latest Exhibitions:

She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe (Here and Now. Contemporary Spanish Photography. Roaming from 2009 to 2011); Latin America (Laberinto de Miradas, years 2010 and 2011), Guatephoto Festival (2015) and Asia (Photo by Photo. Exhibition presented in the Spanish Pavilion for Expo Shangay 2010). Her work is part of collections in art centers such as the Getty Museum in Los Angeles (USA); Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan (China); Alcobendas Art Center, Spain or The House of Parliament, London (UK). She is currently represented by Black Eye Gallery in Sydney.
Her work has been published in El País Semanal, Times Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Harper’s Bazaar, Matador and Io Donna (among others).
Other publications of her work: Domestic aesthetics, Madrid, Blur, 2006; Idilios, Madrid, University of Cádiz, 2013; Welljob, Author’s Box for Collectors, 2014.