Ana Blasco’s jewels are enjoyed by sight and touch, they study geometry and break it, they serve to adorn but also to learn more about the structures found in nature.


How can life change so much at this point?
An overturn, a whirlwind, nothingness … and the jump …
A jump with desire, with force, with forward momentum in which, with all my passion, I turn through the air and, without having looked for it, I find a way: the Mobius strip. Is it a coincidence? I’ve always been a figurative sculptor, and suddenly I’m drawn to an endless geometric shape, and I start working with it.
Forms emerge that I transform into tiny sculptures:… Jewels!

Ana Blasco graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid 1982, she currently lives in El Escorial where she is dedicated to the creation of sculptural jewelry. She has exhibited her works in galleries, national cultural centers and international fairs such as the International Art Fair of Lille, France; she has worked at the Diego Portales University, Santiago de Chile in collaboration with the sculptor Juan Sebastián Solar.