Although with a clear figurative language, the three-dimensional large format works of Juan Miguel Palacios contain a strong conceptual charge, where, through development in series, his work is a constant wandering about the identity of the individual in relation to the surrounding environment. The future of a society that changes at an urgent rate for the individual.
Concepts such as grief and mourning, aggression, inequality and injustice, usurpation and misunderstanding, are vital constants in the work of Juan Miguel Palacios, with which the author intends to provoke a turning point in the viewer. A stop before reflection, in search of questions and answers.
Always driven by the search for new forms of representation, it is a work open to the spectator, with whom the artist intends to dialogue, about the most prominent and controversial issues of our contemporary society. Canvases, vinyls, methacrylates, aluminum, drywall, marble … surfaces where Juan Miguel Palacios presents his stunning and extensive work.


Born in Madrid in 1973, Juan Miguel Palacios began painting at the early age of 6. After a long journey with various teachers and art schools, such as the Madrid School of Decorative Arts, at the age of 12 he entered the studio of the renowned Spanish painter Amadeo Roca Gisbert (a disciple of Joaquín Sorolla). Throughout those years, he was educated in a strict academic training until he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1991. When he completed his university degree, in 1996 he founded the Laocoonte School of Art in Madrid. During this period, he combined tutoring and teaching with works as a muralist, theater set designer, and film poster painter, while he developed his career as an artist.
At present he resides in New York and his work is exhibited around the world, in international galleries.

Latest Exhibitions:

2020 “wounded” Askeri Gallery. Moscow. Russia
2019 “Hedgehog’skin” Ivy Brown Gallery. New York. USES
2018 “Isolated’ Nextestreet gallery. Paris, France.
“Inbalance” Booth gallery New York ’USA.
2017 “Wounded” Lazarides Gallery London, UK.