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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

WASHINGTON. Daniel Canogar “Digital Intersections” 14 september 2021 – 5 january 2022. Phillips Colection and Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain.

The Phillips Collection presents a Digital Intersections project by Daniel Canogar in celebration of the museum’s 100th anniversary. Amalgama Phillips will premiere on the Phillips’s YouTube channel on September 8, followed by a site-specific multichannel projection. The Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain joins the Phillips’s centennial celebration by [...]

BRUSSELS. Guillermo Mora “A day with you” 9 september – 16 october 2021. Galeria Irène Laub.

In the last few years, Guillermo Mora has charted a unique path in the field of painting. Working at the crossroad of other disciplines, he raises fundamental questions from a physical and corporeal perspective. The pieces presented in the exhibition set up a story and construct a collective portrait through [...]

SHANGHAI Cristina BanBan “Melancolía” 16 september -23 october 2021. Perrotin Gallery.

BanBan’s large scale paintings are immediately recognizable. Their broad range of fleshy hues and voluptuous brushstrokes depict scenes of contemporary life and snapshots of intimacy. Her female subjects tend toward the Rubenesque, with features enlarged and elongated that spilltowards the edge of frame. These [...]

NEW YORK. Jorge Otero Pailos “Distributed Monuments “ 18 june – 14 august 2021. Sapar Contemporary gallery.

Distributed Monuments is an exhibition of new works on canvas presenting dust extracted from two historic sites: the Old U.S. Mint in San Francisco and the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, New York. Like two sides of a coin, they show distinctive yet interconnected remains of [...]

MOUGINS. Isabel Muñoz “1001” 3 july – 3 october 2021. The Mougins Center of Photography

1001 gathers thirty-eight prints and four videos, resulting from several trips to Japan between 2017 and 2020. Largely unpublished, Muñoz’s photos offer us multiple portraits, all of which preserve a trace rooted in Japanese alternative culture, mingling respect and transcendence of tradition. A striking [...]

BREMEN. Mateo Maté “Landscape Europe 2020 – 21” 27 august – 31 october 2021. Weserburg Museum.

Mateo Maté (* 1964, lives in Madrid) is considered one of the most famous Spanish artists of his generation. In his installations and video works everyday objects and routines are linked to socially relevant issues, mixing up the private and the public, the political [...]

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