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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

LONDON. José Manuel Martínez Bellido “The Dark Rigor of Light” 3 december 2020 – 20 january 2021. SCAN Projects.

Martínez Bellido's work delves into complex issues related to the primary nature of images. Through the manipulation and repositioning of found vernacular photographs, this project inhabits a poetic territory situated in temporal suspension between day and night, light and shadow, the visible and the [...]

MUNICH. Bernardi Roig “La cabeza de Goya” 26 november 2020 – 27 february 2021. Galería Klüser 2.

Bordeaux/Madrid, 1888. Sixty years after Goya’s death in Bordeaux, the Spanish consul discovers his grave and arranges for the exhumation of the body. But the contents of the tomb hold a surprise: the artist’s head is missing. Bernardí Roig (*1965, Palma de Mallorca) has [...]

BERLIN. Fermín Jiménez Landa “The Visits” 24 october – 5 december 2020. The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER)

Fermín Jiménez Landa proposes a group of small interventions with the idea of exploring the notion of home, seeking to scrutinize the public dimension of the domestic, as well as the possibilities of touching, of meeting, of winking from the isolated. It can be [...]

TOKYO. Javier Calleja “No Art Here” November 25 – December 20, 2020. NANZUKA.

Javier Calleja produces works that bring surprise and humor to viewers by incorporating subtle twists and interventions to various events within everyday life. Expressing a fondness for the works of René Magritte, Calleja attempts to reference and reinterpret the techniques of the surrealist master [...]

BARCELONA. Fina Miralles “I Am All the Selves that I Have Been” November 5th, 2020 to April 5th, 2021. MACBA.

Fina Miralles (Sabadell, 1950) is one of the most significant Spanish artists active from the seventies to the present day. Her work arose in the context of the Franco dictatorship, a hostile, limiting and castrating environment in which censorship controlled all forms of expression for [...]

WASHINGTON. Carla Berrocal “Intervention on the facade of the Former Residence of the Spanish Ambassador in the United States” 12 november 2020 – 31 january 2021.

Illustrator Carla Berrocal pays tribute to classic and contemporary Spanish culture in her intervention on the facade of the Former Residence of the Spanish Ambassador in the United States. Spanish artist Carla Berrocal creates new art intervention on some of the windows of the Former Residence [...]

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