In the last few years, Guillermo Mora has charted a unique path in the field of painting. Working at the crossroad of other disciplines, he raises fundamental questions from a physical and corporeal perspective. The pieces presented in the exhibition set up a story and construct a collective portrait through an autobiographical perspective. The origin of the project is a series of memorization exercises inspired by people who crossed the artist’s path. While first retaining the colors of the clothes these people were wearing, Mora subsequently materializes them in his studio by assembling and overlaying small pieces of paper. This visual diary, made up of delicate and colored sketches compiled on a daily basis, constitutes the core of this exhibition. Each work embodies one of these patterns, one of these people. The pieces hence not only display a particular range of color but also reflect a name, a day, a meeting, a wish, a memory. Through a unique pictorial process of superposition, concealment, tearing and unveiling, Guillermo Mora literally “dresses and undresses” his paintings. A day with you is above all a story documenting the people Mora encountered in the past year. Through this collective portrait, which is both specific and abstract, the paintings transform themselves into pages; paintings as pages, pages as paintings, as dates, as characters passing through one’s life and that ultimately testify to the artist’s closest and most intimate environment.

Spanish artist Guillermo Mora conceives his practice as a process of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Evading the traditional boundaries between painting and sculpture, his work takes different forms and looks at the forgotten histories of painting – specifically through means of concealment, overlapping and disappearance. Mora has cultivated a unique visual vocabulary, creating an abstract mode of communication. His striking compositions construct environments through which the artist questions protocols and procedures of contemporary painting. Guillermo Mora received a BFA from the Complutense University of Madrid and The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and completed his PhD with a grant from La Caixa Foundation. The artist was featured in 100 Painters of Tomorrow by Thames & Hudson, awarded the Audemars Piguet Award in 2014 and the Generación 2013 Prize, and received the Residence grant in Casa Wabi (MX) a scholarship at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York (US) in 2016 and a fellowship from the Spanish Academy in Rome (IT) in 2010–2011. His work is part of the Margulies Collection (US), the Museum Voorlinden (NL), the Elgiz Museum (TR), the Fondazione Benetton (IT), the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (ES), and the Caja Madrid Foundation (ES), among others.