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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

SOMERSET. “Eduardo Chillida“ 20 june 2021 – 3 january 2022. Hauser & Wirth Gallery.

One of the foremost Spanish sculptors of the twentieth century, Eduardo Chillida (1924 – 2002) is widely celebrated for his monumental public sculptures and enduring fascination with interconnected shape, space and organic form. Chillida challenged the constraints of materials such as iron and steel [...]

MILAN. Núria Mora “J.L. vs Lilla” 15 june – 24 september 2021. Galleria Patricia Armocida.

Nuria Mora’s visual language is strictly connected to her ability to observe the surrounding space, whether it is an urban or natural landscape, capturing and isolating details that she synthesizes in abstract-concrete chromatic modules and expanding in constantly evolving motives. It is a geometric [...]

KÖLN. Lidia Masllorens “Esto no es un retrato” 28 may – 6 august 2021. 100 Kubik Galerie.

Lidia Masllorens (*1967, Girona) is an artist with high recognition value, especially through her large-format facial images, with which she transports us into a world of feelings and details. Expressivity is the most important thing for her and her direct brushstroke resembles Japanese calligraphy [...]

BREMEN “The Picasso Connection: The Artist and his Gallerist” 19 may – 29 augoust 2021. The Kunsthalle Bremen

The Kunsthalle Bremen holds one of the most important collections of Pablo Picasso’s printed works in Germany. Like no other artist of the twentieth century, Picasso embraced the diversity of graphic techniques and substantially expanded them through artistic variation and experimentation. For the first [...]

ROME. “Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano – Quadriennale FUORI” until 18 july 2021. Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano’s individual research, both combining an interest for the encounter of nature and architecture, has merged on numerous occasions in recent years, creating works that renegotiate the relation between built and natural environments. On one of the staircases of Palazzo [...]

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