These paintings of real landscapes from the surroundings of Santiago Arranz’s workshop in the Huesca Pyrenees, are the new pictorial project that the painter began in July 2019 and that recuperates a simple means of expression such as painting within the immense range that the arts are today. The painting of nature serves as a pretext for making a pictorial work far removed from history and literature, placing the intellectual reflections of the work of art at the same level of feelings.


Santiago Arranz. Sabiñánigo (Huesca), 1959.
He graduated in Art History from the University of Barcelona in 1982.
From 1986 to 1994 he has resided in France, first in Fontainebleau and later on in Paris.
Starting in the 90s, he invented a system of signs and symbols to translate the world into his language, which has its antecedent in his work Abecedario, Paris, 1991. From that moment, the decision to incorporate specific vocabularies for each topic characterizes his work, whether incorporated in pictorial or architectural projects, allowing him to go from fiction to function in a permanent mutation of thought to life.

Latest Exhibitions:

Selección exposiciones individuales:
2017 – Santiago Arranz … and he was no longer seen to be seen. Zaragoza, Gallery A of Art
2016 – Santiago Arranz / Hassan Bourkia. The virtues of the solitary bird- Tribute to Juan Goytisolo. Granada, Royal Quarter of Santo
2015 – Santiago Arranz- Hassan Bourkia, l´oiseau solitaire. Hommage à Juan Goytisolo. Toulouse, the manufac- turer cube CIAM. Santiago Arranz – Rewriting. Cáceres, El Brocense. Santiago Arranz- Hassan Bourkia. Les vertus de l´oiseau solitaire. Hommage à Juan Goytisolo. Marrakech, riad dar Cherifa.

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