The Amarist studio focuses on the creation of functional pieces and sculptures capable of stimulating the viewer’s thoughts through works that invite us to reflect on the world around us. Amarist Studio’s work explores the impact humanity has on the world in its continuous evolution. A process that involves observing the imbalances and gaps that occur in different cultural and natural environments.


Clara Campo and Arán Lozano met in their parents’ small hometown in the Pyrenees mountains, surrounded by nature and an artisanal environment. As they got older they began to share concepts and ideas, beginning their creative practice together. Amarist Studio tends to blur the boundaries between contemporary art, design and crafts.

Latest Exhibitions:

Its work has been exhibited internationally in cities and artistic events such as Dubai, London, Art New York, Venice Biennale and Art Miami; and it has been published in print media such as Forbes, Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Decoration, among others.
En 2018, el dúo formado por Arán Lozano y Clara Campo fue seleccionado por los 30 menores de 30 años de Europa de Forbes entre los 30 jóvenes más influyentes en el campo del arte y la cultura.
In 2018, the duo formed by Arán Lozano and Clara Campo was selected by Forbes’s 30 under 30s in Europe among the 30 most influential young people in the field of art and culture.