I have always been passionate about nature in all its facets, and also respectful of its balance, and sometimes even of its fury: I would dare to say that the most wonderful works of art are not the product of man. Observed with a keen and sensitive eye, nature offers us an unlimited variety of artistic resources that no one could ever create in a single lifetime.

Nature Rules is a project that I started developing in 2012 in Namibia. “El Namib” inspired its beginning, in which I speak about the balance of nature. It is a difficult project to conclude, because the power of nature is infinite, as is the destructive intervention of man, polluting and interfering with its cycles. With my photographs I show the intrinsic beauty of sand; of the shapes that the wind, with a large dose of abstraction, has molded. The rest consists of letting one´s imagination carry out its function, and for the eye to delight in the hypnotic contemplation that I felt while shooting each one of them.

In addition, with this work I also intend to capture how nature claims its space, its silence, its order. A certain uneasiness is produced on arrival at these abandoned towns, as is the case of Kolmanskop, an old mining town built in the middle of the desert, in the windy south of Namibia, where the dunes have intervened, semi-burying some of its buildings, giving the whole place an aspect that is as phantasmagoric as it is romantic. Nature recovers the place that mankind took from it.