Berta Sesé’s work alternates between painting and photography, the link between these two practices is the parallel themes addressed. The artist is interested in the hermetic principle of correspondence, the infinitely large and the infinitely small are part of the basis of her work. She was also inspired by the Japanese wabi sabi principle, which consists in seeing in the imperfect or modest, a form of beauty in movement. Her work is an invitation to rediscover our environment, based on the freedom of spirit to appreciate the magic of the universe.


Her photographic work is based on the observation and perception of our daily habitat. Berta interprets priceless details, and shows us another profile of the real world set on a different scale. Using a macro lens, the artist identifies the subject within a very intimate dimension, like a fractal scientific approach to our environment and its projections. The image fills with emotion and the result is an abstraction of reality transformed into another element.
Berta’s photographs do not alter the initial subject. They are the real result captured with her lens, without graphic montage, respecting the existing original purity and revealing naturally an image hidden in it, visualized with the artist’s imagination.


The plastic work of Berta Sesé is part of a lyrical abstract style, a descendant of “Colorfield painting”. Light, vibration and expanding polychrome, her painting is intimately related to the cosmos.


Berta Sesé was born in Barcelona (1980) where she studied fashion design. Since 2002, she lives and works in Paris (France), where she has worked as a fashion designer and stylist for twelve years. It is in this environment that she builds her aesthetic and colorimetric bases. 2011 marked a change in her career thanks to digital photography, self-taught, she uses it as a means of artistic expression. In 2013 she studied Fine Arts with the Italian artist Alberto Cont in Paris, and she has been exclusively dedicated to art since 2014. She is represented in Japan by the IND gallery. since 2016.

Latest Exhibitions:

2020 – IND Gallery. Ikoma, Nara (Japan)
2019 – IND Gallery. Ikoma, Nara (Japan)
2018 – Center for Catalan Studies – Sorbonne University, Paris (France)
2018 – IND Gallery. Ikoma, Nara (Japan)
2017 – Center for Holistic Arts, Paris (France)
2017 – L’Antenne, Paris (France)
2017 – Palais des Papes – congress center. Avignon (France)
2017 – IND Gallery. Ikoma Nara (Japan)
2016 – IND Gallery. Ikoma, Nara (Japan)

Collective exhibitions

2018 – Galeria Dièse 22, Paris (France)
2017 – Noo Kitty – IND Gallery. Osaka (Japan)
2014 – Galeria Le Phylactère, Boulogne Billancourt (France) 2014 – MPAA Broussais, Paris (France)