I explore the essence of ART: I am intrigued by why some works last over time, and why others fall into oblivion.I live art as a timeless conversation where not everything is said, where the essential is diluted in a lullaby. The meanings that I cannot find are those that enrich me, disconcert me and arouse my interest as a spectator. They cause a piece to accompany me forever.I want you to become my accomplice and my witness, so that you are the one who concludes my work: Sometimes, you will feel that I am playing with your perception, to stop and surround yourself with questions about what you see; other times, my portraits will look you in the eye and follow you around the room, wondering who you are. Maybe sometimes I just look for your smile, born of the absurdity between my work and its strange name. Basically, I want you to be an active part of my living work.I enjoy the process of creation and it shows in my work: My work is a game of combinations, where materials, textures and colors improvise new routes for your senses. Movement and contrast are key pieces to foster visual and emotional tension in you.Do you feel? You are already living it.

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    Obra de : Begoña Lafuente
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