In this post-modern era where everyone´s opinion is worth the same because of the simple fact of existing is as valid as it is banal, the critical look implies perspective and knowledge of history, if art transforms society it is because the artist transforms
I work on the object, and every aesthetic decision I make is a way to save the existential discomfort in which I find myself,


Alvaro Trugeda was born in Santander in 1979, and currently lives and works in Taiwan. He is an artist trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca who, after a three-year stay in Bristol, underwent a decisive change in his artistic development. The multicultural interaction with the Jamaican ghetto of St Paul, in which Africans, Thais, Somalis etc., also coexist in harmony, became a decisive influence on his way of understanding painting, almost without the artist himself realizing it.


Individual expositions

2020 “flowers from another world” Bauyu art center, Taipei
2019 “Floating Reality” Castillo de Argueso. Cantabria
2018 “Passion and emptiness” MOCA Taipei, Taiwan
2018 “Heaven and Earth” gallery Dulan Crap, Taitung, Taiwan

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