Nuria Mora’s visual language is strictly connected to her ability to observe the surrounding space, whether it is an urban or natural landscape, capturing and isolating details that she synthesizes in abstract-concrete chromatic modules and expanding in constantly evolving motives. It is a geometric deconstruction of reality where the artist has developed a formal and chromatic code that can be interpreted as her own personal signature.

In the last twenty years, the Madrilenian artist has drawn inspiration from the outside world, taking inputs coming from the normal flow of everyday life inside galleries and institutions. The pandemic has completely reversed this perspective, revolutionizing for everyone the concept of “normality” itself and forcing each one of us to enclose our whole lives inside our homes, with those individuals who are the closest to us.

This radical change brought Nuria close to a new dimension: an artistic space where her interior self, her roots and her most profound identity could be unleashed towards the exterior.

The totem sculptures, the drawings and the acrylics on linen express the ties between family and self, memory and present, heritage and legacy, tradition and contemporary sensibility.

The title of the show “J.L. vs Lilla” is an homage to her parents, where J.L. stands for “José Luis”, Nuria Mora’s father, while Lilla is her mother’s name.

The exhibition is about a personal and intimate universe, about the unstable balance of family life, and about building a new home to heal the marks left by painful moments.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, towards the end of the 90s Nuria Mora (Madrid, 1974) started to paint creating geometric abstractions in public spaces. Since then, the artist’s creation process maintained a close relationship with the city and its architecture, evolving into an extremely recognizable language, that took her to exhibit in some of the most important artistic centers in the world, like the Tate Modern in London, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, the Place du Pilori space in Niort (France), the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Majorca or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Johannesburg.

Among her solo exhibitions: Where is my mind, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain, 2021 curated by David Barro; Lalita Banana Split, Galeria We Collect, Madrid, Spain, 2020; Lalita Banana Split, We Collect Gallery, London, UK, 2020; Wild Style, Centro de Arte Tomas Y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Spain, 2019; Drishti, Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milano, Italy, 2017; Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, Winterlong Gallery, Niort, France, 2016; Mango Chile, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico, 2015; En la frontera, Astarté Gallery Madrid, Spain, 2014; Sedimentos, Molinos del Rio, Murcia, Spain, 2014; Punto Volado, Delimbo Art Space, Siviglia, 2013; Paisaje de Fondo, SKL Gallery, Majorca, Spain, 2012; Mirilla, Turbo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009; Napa Air LOEWE, Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2006; Eigenkunstruktion, Artitude, Berlin, Germany, 2006; (x,y,z), Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2006; Outside In, The Arches Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, 2003; Complémentaires, Vacío9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2002.

Galleria Patricia Armocida Via Filippo Argelati, 24, 20143 Milano MI, Italia

Image: Núria Mora. Papagena. Galería Patricia Armocida