I was trained in architecture.

Since my beginning, I have worked in painting, furniture design, objects, textiles, digital art, etc.

My references were and are Malewich, Mondrian, Jean Arp, Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Joseph Beuys, Kounelis, Donald Judd, Pollock, Sol Lewitt, Hans Richter, Louise Bourgeois ..

From the point of view of technique, I have been working for years with woods that I cover with elastic fabrics. Years ago I had already incorporated the meshes into the painting to cover it, leading to multiple evolutionary processes, unleashing the sculpture that I covered with stockings, pantyhose, in small format. Currently I work with lycras, neoprene, foam rubber in a larger and flatter format. A constant interest in the search for materials and their mixtures.

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