Her work reveals concern for the spiritual and for the essence. Always treated with elegance and from a very particular position, she endows her works with a naivety and a poetry that go beyond the usual aesthetic currents.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UCM, Master of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.
Her interest in learning about cultures has led her to live in countries as diverse as the Dominican Republic, Japan, the USA, Tanzania, Mexico, India or Nepal. She currently lives and works in Madrid. Her experience of living in different countries, within different cultures has given her an open-minded approach to both her personal life and her work.
Sonia’s recent work develops photography using sculptural elements, incorporating both objects and encountered images as processes such as in painting. She is interested in exploring the primitive elements of art, and its healing and spiritual properties.

Awarded and granted a scholarship, with a good number of exhibitions behind her and works in places such as the British Museum or the Mint since the 1980s, she has exhibited extensively on an international scale including both solo exhibitions in South Korea, Switzerland, France and Spain, and group exhibitions in institutions such as the Aena Foundation, the ONCE Foundation at the Círculo de Bellas Artes and MNCARS, Madrid. She has also received several awards, including an Independent Research Fellowship from Harvard University and an International Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania.