Patricia Losada (Madrid 1968)
The works of Patricia Losada are slender figures with long limbs. Each sculpture looks like a drawing, tells its own story and can be understood without words. These poetic snapshots are of immense intensity, they represent wishes, challenges, entanglements in life or even successes. But they always leave the viewer with the impression of strength while also of great vulnerability. The artist lives and works near Madrid.

Latest Exhibitions:

2019 Galerie Kunststücke. Munich, Germany.
2019 Utopian Space. Madrid Spain.
2018 Galerie Kunststücke. Munich, Germany.
2018 Artevistas Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
2018 Strassacker Gallery. Hannover, Germany.
2018 Gallery DUA2. Vigo, Spain.
2017 Galerie Kunststücke. Munich, Germany.
2017 Artevistas Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
2017 Strassacker Gallery. Süssen, Germany.
2016 Espaliú Gallery. Malaga, Spain.
2016 Espai d’Art Puntoaparte. Barcelona, Spain.
2016 Strassacker Gallery. Süssen, Germany.
2016 Artevistas Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
2015 Strassacker Gallery. Stuttgart, Germany. Affordable Art Fair Battersea. Standarte Gallery. London, UK.
2015 Barnadas Huang Gallery. Singapore.
2014 Strassacker Gallery. Süssen, Germany.
2014 Affordable Art Fair Singapore. Barnadas Huang Gallery. Singapore.
2014 Smelik & Stokking Galleries. Amsterdam, Holland.
2014 Barnadas Huang Gallery. Singapore.