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Oscar Seco

In the most recent series of Oscar Seco, natural catastrophes, man’s aggression towards nature or the use of oversized animals, most of which are birds taken from the still life scenes of European Baroque, which have fallen or crashed like missiles in ruined cities or nineteenth-century landscapes, metaphorize the nature of the human being and his relationship with their environment.
His cinematic or literary references are easily discernible; He cites the cinema of the 60s and 70s, Marvel and DC comics, the poster design of the Russian avant-gardes, the world wars, the advertising world, fantasy literature with names like Arthur C. Clarke, H.G.Wells, Bradbury or Ballard, which are mixed with the classics of science fiction cinema from the 50s to the present day.


Oscar Seco (Madrid 1964) graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, the city where he lives and works, has been presenting individual exhibitions since 1987 in spaces such as galleries 57, Ferrán Cano, Ángeles Baños, Blanca Soto, Trinta, T20, Valle Ortí, Matthias Hauser or Las Cigarreras de Alicante (the last one took place in 2015 at the Estepona Huber Art Platform), has participated in numerous collectives and has been present at ARCO, ESTAMPA, Art Colgne, ARTEBA, Foro Sur, Art Chicago or Scope Miami.

Latest Exhibitions:

“Oversized.” Blanca Soto Gallery. Madrid.
“Imaginary beings”. Cabinet of drawings. Valencia.
“Fallen from the sky”. Huber art platform. Estepona, Malaga.
Oscar Seco vs Luis Perez Calvo “Continuous session”. Huber art platform. Estepona, Malaga.
“Viva collections. No news of interest ”. Vuelapluma Editions Gallery, Madrid.
“Fallen from the sky”. Blanca Soto Gallery, Madrid.
“Little Nemo in Secoland”. Trinta Gallery, Santiago de Compostela

Alternative worlds. La Lisa Gallery, Albacete.
Pump project. Cigarreras Cultural Center, Alicante.
Small format. Vuelapluma Editions Gallery, Madrid.
“Fallen from the sky”. Matthias Hauser Gallery, A Coruña.
“Seco Planet”. CMTV Gallery, Barcelona.
Blanca Soto Gallery. Madrid.
Ferran Cano Gallery. Barcelona.
Valle Orti Gallery. Valencia.
T20 Gallery, Murcia. Ferran Cano Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.
Trinta Gallery, Santiago de Compostela.


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