My base is on experiences of the subconscious, of irrefutable truth, the universal certainty that is impermanence, transcending ordinary life with the resurrection of humble, forgotten matter. Paroxysm of everyday reality from an Epicurean perspective, with Dadaist reminiscences. Each common object conveys an exquisite luxury,of which we are aware and where we assume our fate. In the unconscious mind; there is the creative factor, the reservoir of all energy, the past, present and future.

I begin with a series of errors, and correction on the part of feeling, until what I was looking for shines before me. I subjugate quantum physics, entropy, the poetics of the ephemeral, as the genesis and meaning of the spirituality in art. The figure hinders, does not permit an imitation of external nature. The painting becomes an event, an alchemical ritual, where the viewer must find, based on his previous sensory perceptions, sensitivity and aesthetic experiences, a meaning that symbolizes a common morality. A reflection or rationalization, adapted to a critical and contemporary ideal of beauty with a “free spirit”, is required.


Cognitive teacher of the understanding of art as the meaning of life and the  ontological solution by Öscar OMÚ”

I was born in America by Splash

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