Geometry is always present in my work, whether in neo-figurative or in abstract pieces. I develop artistic objects based on different trends: futuristic, minimalist, organicist or optical; and I try to merge them, generating plastic synergies. Sculpture and the art of the medal are the two artistic areas to which I dedicate myself to a greater extent, however, I also address painting, ceramics, design, or the idea of projects related to the environmental integration of civil works.


Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Applied Arts of Sculpture by the School of Art and Superior of CRBC of Valladolid. An expert in the art of the medal, he was awarded by the Royal Mint with the First Tomás Francisco Prieto Prize, a prize that
he shares, among others, with Chirino, Chillida or Antonio López. He is a member of the F.I.D.E.M., Fédération Internationale de la Médailles d ’Art, and the ANA American Numismatic Association. He has made more than 50 individual and 75 group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. He currently exhibits, until 2021, in Finn Square, Manhattan, in the United States, within the framework of the Art in the Parks program.

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