Henar Iglesias Biografia

Henar Iglesias

“My main job is researching feather techniques to make them my own. The milliner experience that I grew up with has helped me in this research. When I started specializing in feathers, I dreamed of a compendium of world techniques to consult and today, step by step, I am building one. All my pieces are a collection of proposals, my specialty is focused on custom-made designs. What inspires me the most is being able to put all my knowledge at the service of the aesthetics necessary in each situation, be it a place or a person. The feathers I work with are obtained in chicken coops for meat consumption. My dream is to have my own farm so that I can take good care of each step of the process.”


Henar Iglesias grew up in her mother’s hat studio while she looked at her father’s paintings. She studied Mathematics at the same time as she was learning her mother’s trade. That was how she discovered the magic of feathers and realized that this art was disappearing in her country, so she decided to specialize in it. In Mexico she learned about the pre-Columbian tradition of the Amantecas, which opened the universe of the feather mosaic to her. She has worked as a feather artisan in the field of millinery and dressmaking, combining this profession with creating feathers for a French furniture author for 10 years. Since then, she has continued to explore feather design in decoration and sculpture. Before 2014, she participated in several group exhibitions at Bat Gallery and Espacio Valverde, both in Madrid. She has been nominated for the “Loewe International Craft Prize” in 2019.



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