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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

NEW YORK. Manuel Ferreiro Badia “Compostela Fractal Study of a Shell” february 3, 2020 to february 2, 2021. Finn Square, Manhattan.

The sculpture Compostela Fractal Study of a Shell is based on origami studies and is composed of broken steel planes that cause the sculpture to change or live with sunlight. It reflects in an abstract way the fractal system of matter, looking for a simplicity that [...]

LOS ANGELES. Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger “Illusion” Until 1 june 2020. Flutter Experience.

Flutter is an innovative, immersive art experience featuring virtual reality, projection mapping, climbable furniture as well as a giant sphinx, day-glow lighting, and architectural structures. Flutter’s mission is to bring contemporary fine art into everyday life in a way that is interactive. The inaugural [...]

LONDON. Santiago Cirugeda – Recetas Urbanas “Affection as Subversive Architecture“ 15 February – 25 April 2020. Radical Citizenship – The Showroom Summit 2020.

Affection as Subversive Architecture is a project by the Spanish architecture collective Recetas Urbanas exploring how to create alternative architectural and educational spaces through participatory self-construction and active citizenry. By destabilising mainstream assumptions about public structures and their legislative frameworks, this project features new architectural strategies for [...]

BARCELONA. Palmira Puig and Marcel Giró “Saudades de Sao Paulo” 2 february – 3 may 2020. Museo Palau Solterra, Torroella de Montgrí.

The show Saudades de Sao Paulo. Photographs by Palmira Puig and Marcel Giró is a tribute to the photographic output of Palmira Puig (Tàrrega, 1912 - Barcelona, 1978) and Marcel Giró (Badalona, 1913 - Mira-sol, 2011) as well as a record of the lifetime of an extraordinary couple. Curated by Rocío [...]

BRUSSELS. Martí Sawe “Zoo” 31 january – 30 august 2020. MIMA Museum.

In situ installations and paintings mark out a visit to ZOO, the new MIMA exhibition. References to pop, humour and anthropomorphic art provide the backdrop. The artist Marti SAWE was born in Barcelona in 1986. He began to write graffiti at the age of [...]

DÜSSELDORF. Pablo Picasso “The War Years 1939 – 1945” february 15 – june 14, 2020. K20 GRABBEPLATZ.

"I have not painted the war because I am not the kind of a painter who goes out like a photographer for something to depict. But I have no doubt that the war is in these paintings I have done." Picasso, 1944 The exhibition [...]