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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

LISBON. David Bestué “Infinite Sculpture – From the Antique Cast to the 3D Scan” 18 september 2020 – 25 january 2021. Calouste Museum.

This exhibition brings together sculptures by contemporary artists and casts from the collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, analysing the relevance of the casting technique in current artistic practices and exploring its infinite possibilities. This exhibition brings together works by 18 [...]

PORTO. José Luis Carrillo “Children of the Deer – The last Celtiberian people” 18 september – 31 october 2020. Mira Forum.

The Alto Tajo Valley, located in Spain, is one of the most unpopulated territories in Europe. There we find a region where nature and climate dominate in a wild way, imposing an ancestral vision of reality. This region is called “Spanish Siberia,” a territory [...]

BRAGA. Rosa Rodríguez “The White line”11 september – 31 october 2020. Mosterio de Tibäes.

The places that man has been unable to conquer and shape to his taste are, paradoxically, those where we can find freedom and rediscover our identity. In this regard, the Arctic is one of the most inaccessible places where we can return to the [...]

HOUSTON. Lita Cabellut “The colors that remain” 5 august – 3 october 2020. Art of the world gallery.

Lita Cabellut (b. 1961) is a leading female contemporary multidisciplinary artist in Spain most well-known for her paintings on large scale canvases using a contemporary variation of the fresco technique. Beyond her monumental paintings, her work also includes drawings on paper, sculptures, photography, scenography, [...]

BERLIN. “11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art” 5 september – 1 november 2020. Various venues.

The 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art takes place at various venues in Berlin and has appointed collaborating curators María Berríos, Renata Cervetto, Lisette Lagnado, and Agustín Pérez Rubio. The members of this intergenerational, female identified team of South-American curators come together in a four-voice [...]

LONDON. ‘Being pulled all over the place’ 5th of September to 17th of October, 2020. SCAN proyects.

SCAN is pleased to present 'Being pulled all over the place', a group show curated by Cristina Ramos and with works by Katharina Siegel, Carlos Monleón, Marc Vives, Ingela Ihrman and Elena Aitzkoa 'Every story begins in water. So it does this exhibition, articulated while [...]