In ‘Future Tense of the Past’ Ellen Pil, Nokukhanya Langa and Almudena Lobera illustrate in an intriguing way the possibility of imagining and creating a new reality with building blocks from the past and present. Or how time, space and object become infinitely flowing entities.

In her oeuvre Almudena Lobera (1984, ES) reflects on the making of images and connects three important periods in the history of representation: that of the Renaissance, analogue photography and virtual reality. She investigates how we perceive images and studies the relationship between the subject, the object and the space and time in which both exist. The artist translates her findings into a unique narrative with its own context and language, a system of codes that attempts to reveal the relationship between reality and the image produced. The Technical Images series originated during a residency in Japan and was influenced by Lobera’s reading of Vilém Flusser’s Into the Universe of Technical Images. The philosopher predicted a drastic change in our perception and understanding of the environment through the creation of technical images.

Barbé Urbain. Penitentenstraat 29, 9000 Gent. Belgium

Image: Almudena Llobera. Technical images