BRUSSELS. Alicia Fernández Solla “Retratos cruzados” 20 march – 8 may 2019. Embassy of Spain.

“Retratos cruzados” consists of 16 photographs of Spanish residents living in the Netherlands and Belgium and Dutch and Belgian Flemish citizens living in Spain, who have been portrayed in places historically related to the Eighty Years’ War, offering a modern perspective of the 450 anniversary.

The different portraits have been made by Alicia Fernández Solla, photographer specialized in documentary photography and co-founder of Gaceta Holandesa.

The project has been launched by “Gaceta Holandesa”, a website in Spanish on culture and current affairs in the Netherlands.

Embassy of Spain, Rue de la Science 19, 1000 Bruxelles

Imagen: Alicia Fernández Solla