TAIPEI. Alvaro Trugeda “Passion and Emptiness” 29 december 2018 – 27 january 2019. MOCA Cube.

Trugeda’s solo exhibition, Passion and Emptiness, features multiple paintings and small-scale sculptures, which have embodied the artist’s exploration of his creative inspiration and talent charged by the collision and interaction between sensibility and rationality. However, when such talent becomes contained by rules, it can also become a constraint in artistic creation. Trugeda believes that intuition is essential in making a breakthrough in this situation, and this process of making a breakthrough is similar to meandering in the Greek mythological “labyrinth,” which seems extremely complicated but still has a definite exit. Artworks, from this perspective, are exploration and thinking during the search of the right path as well as the emotional expression and manifestation that integrate sense and sensibility.

Alvaro Trugeda (b. 1979-) was born in Santander, Spain. He currently lives and works in both Taitung, Taiwan and Spain. Trugeda holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. He specializes in painting, and human body, plants and organic forms are constant subjects in his work. In recent years, he has conducted various residencies and presented exhibitions in eastern Taiwan.

MOCA. Museum of Contemporary Art. NO.39 Chang-An West Road, Taipei, T’ai-pei, Taiwán

Image: Alvaro Trugeda