SHANGHAI. Lita Cabellut. “CHARLIE CHAPLIN. A VISION” june 8 – october 7, 2018. YUZ Museum

The exhibition “Charlie Chaplin. A visión” attempts to re-evaluate Chaplin’s revolutionary artistic heritage. With over 300 photographs and documents from the Chaplin Archive and almost two hours of film clips, the exhibition also includes items from private collections and public institutions (original posters, videos, paintings, drawings, lithographs) that highlight the impact of the figure of Charles Chaplin on the production of international artists, from the avant-garde artists of the 1920s to today, such as Fernand Léger, Marc Chagall, Erwin Blumenfeld, Varvara Stepanova, Tony DeLap, C215 and Lita Cabellut.

Lita Cabellut (Sariñena, Spain 1961) is a highly prolific artist, with an abundant body of work which she has developed since she was just 15 years old, when she discovered painting at the Prado Museum, thanks to her adoptive family. In this exhibition, we present a selection of work bringing together the past 10 years of the career of this Aragon-born artist, who was raised in Barcelona and now lives in The Hague. The exhibit takes us through some of her most important pictorial series, testimony as they are of the views of one of the most significant artists in the international contemporary art scene.

YUZ Museum. 35, Fenggu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Image: “Charlie Chaplin” Lita Cabellut.