Reading is one of the most exquisite pleasures there is, an act which produces different effects in each reader, caused by the story which the book’s author sends.

Well, to contemplate a book is to say, “Reading the visual and looking at the textual”, establishes another bond, that of aesthetic pleasure born of that contemplation of the book as an object.

The books presented by the exhibition “Ice. Papel, intimacy and skin” unique works of art by Mercè Soler, invite the spectator to enjoy its language of communication and divulging, a silent language which unites beauty, quality and thoroughness.

Soler plays with space, with time and with the spectator. She invites them to decifre, to want to know more, to desire to give form to the object,  to materialize it as if it were a child’s story book, where not a lot of words are needed to tell a story,  where we are stimulated to create associations and to interpret images, to understand the structure of the narrative: cause-effect, conflict-resolution; or where one can learn how a book works: from beginning to end, from left to right, from top to bottom.

The exhibition “Ice. Paper, intimacy and skin” by Mercè Soler, allows us to play that game with the crossing of gazes between the artist and the spectator, through her visual narrative, transforming into a restless and exciting dialogue, generating new considerations through a subjective reading. Jhannia Castro

Espacio Jhannia Castro. Rua Adolofo asais Monteiro,  16 , R/C PORTO 4050 385

Image: Mercé Soler. Ice. Papel, intimacy and skin