PORTO. Josep Maynou “POPULAIRE” 10 november – 29 december 2018. Lehmann + Silva gallery.

“Josep Maynou’s work is bound to curious storytelling – moments lost in translation and chance experiences, both real and imagined. From textiles and sculpture to drawings and video, each piece tells a witty tale of social exchange. On his journeys across Europe, North Africa and Latin America, Maynou collects peculiar objects and personal stories from the people he meets in mountain farming villages, electronic repair shops, local bars and private homes. Mundane objects such as skateboards, toilet plungers and cigarette packs along with familiar symbols like the yin- -yang and Nike swoosh are re-imagined, re-purposed and re-cast as characters in his tragicomic vignettes. Maynou’s work explores the possibilities of chance and interpretation, with humor often carving the path. Movie posters depict motorcycle adventure films, yet to be made. Lamps assembled from found objects become animate creatures. Carpets woven with graphic images and pop-cultural references tether customs and play. And at the center of it all is a water fountain, the legendary meeting place where dueling cowboys, bank robbers and rats alike come to quench their thirst and leave their marks. Incidentally, the bittersweet connections between everyday boredom and aspirational dreams are steadily unmasked. Mishaps, misgivings and misunderstandings are flipped on their heads, turned inside out and used as springboards with unexpected outcomes.” Curator: Arielle Bier

Lehmann + Silva gallery. Rua Duque da Terceira 179. 4000 – 535 Porto, Portugal


Image: Josep Maynou “POPULAIRE” Lehmann + Silva gallery