PARIS. Sixe Paredes “Color, Forma y Materia” 4 october – 3 november 2018” Le Feuvre & Roze Gallery

Sixe Paredes is a full-time artist. He lives as he works. Absorbed by Andean and Pre-columbian cultures, inspired by the cosmos, by Universe-Earth connexions and by Human-animal connexions. His colored, symbolic, abstract or figurative work, is painted, weaved, created in ceramic when he spends time in Nazca, and sculpted. Sixe Paredes is inspiring and transmits us, whether we are familiar with his work or not, a benevolent emotion and good vibrations.Sixe paredes (b. Barcelona 1975) lives between Barcelona and Peru. (Le Feuvre & Roze press-release)

“This new exhibition is a reflection on a whole world I have been creating over the last years through painting, sculpture, and weaving. It provides an overview of my work with the aim of delving deep into a personal universe born of a thousand experiences and texts.” Sixe Paredes

Le Feuvre & Roze 164 & 178 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

Image: Sixe Paredes