PARIS. Pablo Valbuena “ “Kinematope” until 21 october 2018. Les Extatiques. Hall of columns Paris La Défense

Since its inception, Paris La Défense has been a cultural territory that is unique in the world. Beyond its skyscrapers and globally renowned architecture, it’s a real open-air museum that will see the installation, just for the summer, of a contemporary art exhibit both on the esplanade as well as in areas normally closed to the public.

For Les Extatiques, Pablo Valbuena presents an original artwork in the hall of columns, a zone open to the public for the first time. Kinematope [croisement] is a temporary, luminous, sonic intercession that reveals this underground space through a set of appearances and disappearances. Over twenty minutes or so, the artist invites the public into an immersive experience, in time with moving light effects and sonic variations.

Hall of columns Paris La Défense Paris

Image: Pablo Valbuena