NEW YORK Xavier Rodés “L´Instant” 29 june – 21 july 2019. Hugo Galerie.

Xavier Rodés has chosen to express his painting skills and judgement in a realist style, yet in a personal manner. His art-work is always evocative, showing great ability in portraying light, which he shades accordingly to describe a close up in a still life or a landscape atmosphere.

Xavier Rodés was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Art at EINA College, where he created a final project on the subject of “Industrial and Urban Landscape”. Today, he lives and works at his home and studio in El Masnou, a small town near Barcelona.

The ground-breaking treatment of light, precise drawing and thematic originality create Rodés’ distinguished and unique style. In spite of being a figurative artist, his paintings suggest non-conventional ideas, as he focuses on the composition and the chromatic harmony rather than pure description.

Following his first exhibition in 1996, he has exhibited his work at many galleries throughout Spain, most frequently at Sala Parés in Barcelona and Ansorena Gallery in Madrid. He has taken part in several international fairs such as those in Strasbourg, London and Madrid. His paintings are present in many private and public collections and in galleries worldwide, including USA, France, Switzerland, and Argentina.


Image: Red Gas Station. Xavier Rodés