NEW YORK “The Poetics between abstraction & Figuration” 25 july – 8 september 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

This exhibition includes works by various artists who, according to the history of traditional art, have been labeled undr the canon of the categories of abstract and figurative art or under the label of groups los Realistas de madrid and El Paso, Nowadays, they are all part of the history of Spanish art, in which they shared a particular social and political context, that of the post-war period and Spain’s isolation from the international environment. In this exhibition, as rarely seen before, these artists and their works are shown in dialogue, with proposals dance between the most experimental and avantgarde and what is considred as traditional art. Despite the apparent distance betrween them, there are common points and influences that go beyond technique and concept, as they are bound by true bonds of friendship and even family. (I. Cervantes press-release)

Instituto Cervantes (Nueva York) . 211 East 49th Street. 10017 Nueva York. (Estados Unidos)

Image: Antonio Saura