MOSCOW. Juan Genovés “Crowds” 5 september – 13 october 2019. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The project will feature about 90 works exploring the theme of crowd during different periods of Juan Genovés (b Valencia 1930) artistic journey: first, within the context of political struggle against the dictatorial regime of Francisco Franco (1960-70s), then through the transitional period that led to the establishment of Spanish democracy. The artist mostly works in painting, drawing and, since early 2000s, sculpture, equally experimenting with mixed media including some elements of collage and assemblage.

Crowded paintings of the recent decades can be seen as an embodiment of the idea of globalization that engulfed a greater part of the Earth and at the same time as a bird’s eye snapshot taken from a copter. This soaring point of view hints at the author’s attitude towards the crowd as a mass that can spread in all directions and be now a chaotic undirected stream, now a directed force, a flexible material in the hands of both an artist and a politician. Despite all sorts of manipulations, the world of Juan Genovés’s little people seems full of diversity and vitality — and so the chronicle of social processes of the second part of the 20th and the early 21st century gets an upbeat ending.

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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art.. Gogolevsky 10 Moscow

Image: Juan Genovés. Marlborough gallery