MEXICO. “Listening with the eyes. Sound art in Spain” 12 september – 2 december 2018. Museo Rufino Tamayo

In the past three decades, sound art has been consolidated as a new artistic category, giving way to the development of specific types of research, monographic exhibitions and specialized bibliography.

Listening with the eyes. Sound art in Spain, curated by José Iges and José Luis Maire, shows the origins, the diversity of trajectories and the vitality of sound art, made in Spain from 1961 until today. With more than three hundred pieces, including both artwork and documentary materials, the exhibition compiles the production of Spanish sound art, even during a time when this term had not yet been coined (in the sixties and seventies).

The exhibition poses the challenge of showing and emphasizing sound from every artistic aspect: the reverberation of sound space and its relationship with architecture; silence and the limits of what is audible; asynchronism and the rhythmic resonant processes; the vibrant perseverance of sound and how it feels through the body; the obsolescence of technology and its relationship with collective memory.

Artists in this exhibition:

, 1970
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Les Abattoirs. 76 allées Charles-de-Fitte. 31300 Toulouse. France

Imagen: Eduardo Chillida, Homenaje a la Arquitectura II, 2000, coll. Famille Chillida – Belzunce © Zabalaga – Leku, ADAGP, 2018, photo : Alberto Cobo