MEXICO. Almudena Lobera “Lucid presence” june 28th – september 28th, 2019. ESPAC. Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo.


This project consists in a curatorial, artistic and pedagogical experiment that brings together works of the ESPAC Collection and projects by six guests artists —Paola de Anda, Christian Camacho, Sara García, Almudena Lobera, Lorena Mal y Tania Solomonoff— whose works tend to transformation, to unwind through time, and to talk about the invisible, what remains on the tip of the tongue.

Lucid Presence investigates the relationships between inhabiting, the conventions of exhibition spaces, hospitality and collaboration. The curatorial statement and the learning program explore the exhibition as a duration, a construction constantly rewritten and transformed through manifestations such as dance, performance and video-art; besides experimenting with non-visual practices that seek to activate the other senses and investigate untranslatable corporeal experiences.

The project is also a garden. In contrast to the systematic destruction of the environment that distinguishes urban development, the space has been transformed into a place with medicinal plants and an orchard, as well as spaces for relaxation and interaction. This gesture creates a bubble, a space of exception to exercise care and the encounter with life in these times of destruction. A parenthesis to inhabit hope and cultivate our joy.

Through the pedagogical program and a series of public activities, Lucid Presence conceives the exhibition as a meeting place that enables conversation and collective forms of constructing memory.

In addition to the invited artists, the exhibition includes works by Los Carpinteros, Mónica Castillo, Chantal Peñalosa, Andreas Fogarasi, Lourdes Grobet, Melanie Smith, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Benjamín Torres y Joaquín Torres-García, belonging to the ESPAC collection. Curador. Ana Torres Valle Pons

ESPAC. Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo. Goethe 130, Anzures, CP 11590, Del. Miguel Hidalgo. Ciudad de México.

Imagen: ‘Memoria no-volátil’ (2018), Almudena Lobera