MADRID. Lucía Vallejo Garay “Eternidad ¿Imágenes para siempre?” Until 22 september 2019. Museo Lázaro Galdiano.

Lucía Vallejo was born in Bilbao in 1975. Sculptor and art historian. Her artwork is related to the decomposition movement in painting, it expands and liberates the linen’s materiality recovering this fabric’s expressive potential. Painting loses its two-dimensional condition to become a 3d object. She started tearing cloths and fabric and then proceeded to fold and twist them while sculpting the void. The next step in her career were installations. Her exhibition in Casal Solleric represented a turning point in her career due to the fact that her artwork became more complex  as she started to produce pieces for public spaces. The 2017 exhibition held in Tabacalera Promoción de Arte has been a great success represents her most mature work up to date and also signifies the growing importance of the female figure in her inspiration. It will tour different venues.

Her artwork is regularly exhibited in galleries and international art fairs like ARCO, Art Cologne or Pulse New York, ZONAMACO, among others. She has worked with Maior art gallery for a decade, and with Distrito4 in Madrid. She is managed by Proyecto H in Mexico at the time.

Museo Lázaro Galdiano. Calle Serrano 122 (Madrid).

Image: Lucía Vallejo Garay . Inferno, La divina comedia, Dante Aligheri (2018).