LONDON. “Spanish / Female / Photographer – A story half told” 13 – 23 November 2018. 12 Star Gallery.

Spain joined the ranks of the nations that embraced the new medium of photography very shortly after its invention in the XIX century.  Over time it has contributed to the development of this important element of European cultural heritage with many names of note and continues to do so to this day. However, the work and achievements of its female photographers have, largely, been ignored or half told.

This exhibition aims – albeit very humbly – to redress the balance by opening a window to the work of nine contemporary Spanish female artists who use photography as a medium, and whose work is largely unknown to UK audiences. The works presented in the exhibition open up a dialogue around themes of representation and visibility at a time when traditional roles are in flux.

The exhibition includes works by: Esther Ferrer, Eva Lootz, Carmen Calvo, Ouka Leele, Isabel Muñoz, Vicky Méndiz, Carla Andrade, Bego Antón and Lua Ribeira.

The exhibition is curated by Antonio Molina-Vázquez and will be accompanied by an essay written by art historian and curator Susana Blas. This exhibition is part of Spain NOW! 2018-2019 the season of arts and culture from Spain (12 star press-release)

12 Star Gallery. Europe House  London, SW1P 3EU United Kingdom

Image: Vicky Muniz