LONDON. Lita Cabellut “Transformation” march 15 – 29, 2019. Opera Gallery.

Opera Gallery London is proud to hereby present the latest series of works by Spanish artist Lita Cabellut. A selection of tweny two of her artworks invites us to step into the artist’s imagination, offering a meditative glimpse into the constant flow of mankind’s existence.

“All portraits are great self-portraits. They are a way to relive distant, hidden, present and latent emotions every time. Every portrait is me.”

Lita Cabellut traces back to her own disconsolate childhood memories. Her art portrays souls with expressionist strokes that spring from forces underlying all thoughts. She puts her canvases through a lengthy creative process to give them a rough and edgy texture and uses techniques that range from fresco painting to street art. In each work exhibited here, a reality of contradictions appears. Through the soulless gaze of the subject or a motionless glare, every portrait reflects the burden of life , a wave of emotion is delivered, inviting the viewer’s empathy to surface. (Opera gallery press-release)

Opera Gallery London,  134 New Bond Street London W1S 2TF

Image: “Vrscika,” 2018, by Lita Cabellut, Mixed media, 90×180 cm. Opera gallery