LONDON. Eduardo D’Acosta, Ignacio Tovar, Sema D’Acosta. FORWORD (Some trips). 30 august – 23 september 2018. SCAN Project Room.

This exhibition revolves around our trips and the ways in which make us grow and learn. To travel is to cultivate, to absorb unfamiliar landscapes, to encounter strangers, to learn beyond books and screens. From the encounter between who we are, the expectation of what we hope to find, and what we finally discover on the journey, are born our own understandings – not only memories, but also ideas and interpretations that make up our personal vantage. The trip is a non-transferable adventure that allows us to get closer to others and understand ourselves better. We form ourselves by acquiring experiences, accumulating baggage, contemplating closely, chatting and laughing. These new episodes in our biography make us feel more empathy for the references that stimulate our desire to know, it does not matter if that motive is a person you admire, an exhibition you longed to see or an emblematic building you visit. By living things you make them yours and they become part of you. This connection through experience facilitates sharing and strengthens a sense of belonging to an imaginary territory; in our case, inevitably associated with contemporary art and photography.
Somehow, these exploratory journeys end up being small metaphors of worldliness and a type of practical knowledge that is not measured or valued in its proper worth. There are no distinctions or dividing lines between life and art, they are part of the same. They are chapters that end up forming a perception of reality, lessons in the first person. The sensations and the intuition generate a deeper way of internalization than the logical structures that are studied from the theory. The traces of the lived thing go beyond the memory, they are also binding facts that remain latent in us for a long time. Without realizing it, they are absorbed in a natural and inexplicable way, as by osmosis. Sema D’Acosta. (SCAN Project Room press-release)

SCAN Project Room. 13-19 Herald St, Bethnal Green, London E2 6JT

Image: Foreword. Scan Project Room